It is the function of the Apache Public Library to provide adult and juvenile books and other materials of quality that meet the educational, informational, cultural and recreational interests and needs of the community. To fulfill this purpose the library endeavors to maintain a carefully selected collection which covers as wide a field of knowledge as is practical within the budget.

The librarian is responsible for selection of materials and development of the collection and for discarding worn and out of date materials and is responsible to the Library Board of Directors. The Library Board of Directors has the responsibility for the adoption of Library policies.

How Books Are Chosen

Since the book budget is limited, books must be chosen on a highly selective basis, taking into consideration the accuracy of information, authoritativeness, readability, and social significance of the titles considered for acquisition. Generally, except for items of special local interests, or when it is possible to evaluate the books directly, a basic choice for book selection will be the favorable reviews in critical libraries and other books review journals.

The requests of the library patrons will be considered within the limitations of finances, quality of material requested and other library needs. Books may be purchased because of their popularity and the great interest which they have aroused despite the fact that they may not meet the usual standards of literary quality.

The library does not purchase books written to trade on a taste for sensationalism or which are pornographic. Serious works presenting an honest aspect of some problem of life are not excluded because of language or frankness. The library will provide controversial works representing different points of view thus enabling citizens to make up their own minds about serious and important questions. Books will not be excluded because of the race, nationality or freedom of speech and press. Censorship of books, urged or practiced by volunteer arbitrators of moral or political opinions will not be accepted.

Challenged Materials

In the event an individual within the community questions having a particular item in the library collection, that person may request it be withdrawn. The individual will need to request in writing stating their reason for asking that the book be withdrawn. The item will then be reconsidered by the library staff and board. Written notice of their decision will be given to the patron making the request.

Donated Materials

The library welcomes gifts but reserves the right to make use of these materials as it sees fit. Gifts of materials are accepted with the understanding that they will be evaluated according to library needs and either assigned to the library collection, offered to another library, or discarded as the board sees fit. Once given to the library, no gift will be returned. Memorial gifts are welcomed and will be identified with a suitable book plate.
Monetary gifts are often appropriate since the librarian knows the needs of the library and can purchase new books at a discount.

To maintain a vital, relevant collection, as well as for space considerations, there is a continuing re-evaluation of the existing collection based upon the same critical standards as those used for recently purchased items. Materials may be withdrawn or weeded because of duplication, outdated content or poor physical condition. These withdrawn materials will be utilized by donation to some other library or in book sales. Discarding materials will be the last resort.