Children In the Library

The Library is a public place open to the community for the purposes of research, study, communication, and leisure-time reading. Parents and caregivers of children should be aware that although the staff will do their best to protect children, the library is not necessarily a safe place for young children to be left unattended.

Restricting Material

The Library staff will suggest age or reading level appropriate material if asked. The staff will not, however, restrict a child’s reading. Therefore parental guidance is vital.

Disruptive Children

Children who come to the Library on their own and are disruptive will be asked to leave. Disruptive children who are accompanied by parents or caregivers will be escorted to these persons who will be asked to monitor their child’s behavior. Children who are dropped off at the Library, left unattended, and are disruptive will be permitted to use the Library phone to call to be picked up. If no one they know is available to pick them up, the police will take custody of them and make arrangements for them.

Closing Time

Library staff will not take children home nor will staff wait for any length of time with a child for a ride to come at closing time. Staff will wait only long enough for the police to take custody of any children still at the Library at closing time.